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Friday Features

In this space I'll feature weekly a piece of art — poetry, photography, traditional — by someone else on dA that somehow touches me, my current life situation, or otherwise impresses me.

Jan 30—Feb 5, 2015:
Sleeping in the Sunshine by Toots-Baby34
by Toots-Baby34
Because everyone could do with a picture of a cute, sleeping kitten right now, isn't that correct? :rose:

:note: Due to my jaw surgery next week, I won't be able to post a Friday Feature on Feb 6. I am hoping to get back to business with these little features by Feb 13, but we'll see how I'll recover~~

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Äidinkieleni on suomi. And apparently I can speak English pretty fluently! Jag kan också tala lite svenska. Я забыла, как говорить по-русски… Но мне нравится пробовать! まだ日本語を話しません。

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ohellohara wrote a poem about me. ;w; It's so beautiful. :heart: She's an amazing poet and a person, by the way - her Gallery shouldn't leave you untouched.
daghrgenzeen.she puts rose petals at the ends of her
sentences, planting seeds inside
consonants and trimming her vowels—
her words bloom, a botanical garden
put on display in the air—no glass
could ever contain her flowers; they
are free to be plucked from the sky
and put in people's hair, decorating
otherwise gray minds—her tongue
is the deepest green in the garden,
her voice more refreshing than
water; let her plant you in the clouds

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Feb 24, 2015

Tue Feb 24, 2015, 3:30 AM

Profile | Gallery

:wave: Hi guys! I hope you are all doing fine. :eager: I for sure am! I've been away a lot, and here comes the reasons why. :ninja: I've simply been busy with — LIFE. :dummy: :happybounce:

It's been about 3 weeks since the surgery. I've lost a bit of weight, and my body has become slimmer... and a bit of toned up, because I've been taking walks outside since I got out of the hospital and the swelling on my face had eased up; and a week ago, I started doing yoga again. My muscles are still rather stiff, but it's still amazing and relaxing and wonderful, the feeling this hobby gives me. :love: I can eat soft foods now, and soon I can move on to 'harder' stuff. :giggle: I have tasted soda twice, a sip of Coca-Cola and then Fanta, but they didn't taste good at all! I just need to stay clear from Mountain Dew, and I should get that damn soda addiction under control. :happybounce: Finally! I think it's the tasty smoothies I keep making twice a day that keeps me off from even thinking about soda too much. Of course, it's a struggle sometimes to pass the soda section in the stores... and I'm still craving for some yummy burgers and sweet pastries, just because I want to BITE into them. :dummy:

Anyway, I've made up a schedule for myself, it's not very strict and leaves me room for spending time with Miika (when he has the time; we've struggled a bit with this whole time management thing, but overall he seems more pleased now that I'm not so gloomy and actually look after myself and the house and do THINGS other than just play videogames or sleep all day long, haha). Most importantly, it allows me to stay focused on each task — I'm trying to give up on multitasking, as it shatters my concentration and then I end up, for example, writing crappy chapters that go into the bin the next day. Hence I haven't showed up in chats for a while. :dummy: I have time for eating, cleaning, stretching, studying, translating, writing, reading, gaming... and walking! I go on walks twice a day, even if it's just fifteen minutes or to the store. :aww: Walking, I think, has been a key factor in my fast recovery and my improved mood. (I still get gloomy and can start crying out of the blue at times, but it's not every damn day anymore, I'm less frustrated and more hopeful about all the things.)

Recovery then! My face is 96% normal now, I still have a couple of bruises on my neck, but they're fading quickly. My left cheek keeps feeling like it's swollen still, but it's not. My mouth opens a bit more than before (mom tried to reassure me my speaking has improved lol but I dunno, it's all mumbling still and it's frustrating when I have to repeat myself twice or even thrice at times), even with the elastic bands on, and I only get pain when I try to open my mouth too much. Last week I had a little scare as I discovered a 'gash' on my left cheek, near the surgery area, but it's just nothing to worry about — I went to see the doctor, and he said it's just my skin or whatever in there has received some rough treatment, first by the surgery, then by the ruthless braces that keep scraping at everything. There's an 'extra flap' of skin that keeps getting between my teeth, they may have to cut it off when they're removing the braces. :B But yeah, the gash is nothing dangerous, it's healing well: Miika's mom is a dental nurse, and she checked my mouth too when she was visiting last weekend, and said it's all fine. :D My jaws keep making a 'jerking' movement... before the surgery, I was subconsciously trying to compensate for my shorter lower jaw by moving it forward to get it to its right place, and my muscles still remember that needs to be done... It's a little frustrating, but should disappear over time (can take a couple of years, tho' :crying:).

So yeah, that's how things are with me now — good. :happybounce: Tell me some news from you as well! :heart: 

Since I'm unable to decide by myself... I've restarted Lightning Returns (FFXIII) about five times since its release in February, 2014. I got stuck again. The question is, to restart all over again or...? 

2 deviants said Restart, you dummy. :dummy: Don't give up! You're wiser now, right??
2 deviants said Try something else for a while. :nod:
1 deviant said (My other options include Dirge of Cerberus, Dragon Age: Origins and Bioshock Infinite.)
No deviants said FOCUS ON SCHOOL, YOU STUPID. :stare:



Bringing the FAQs in to your native language.


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