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Friday Features

In this space I'll feature weekly a piece of art — poetry, photography, traditional — by someone else on dA that somehow touches me, my current life situation, or otherwise impresses me.

Jan 30—Feb 5, 2015:
Sleeping in the Sunshine by Toots-Baby34
by Toots-Baby34
Because everyone could do with a picture of a cute, sleeping kitten right now, isn't that correct? :rose:

:note: Due to my jaw surgery next week, I won't be able to post a Friday Feature on Feb 6. I am hoping to get back to business with these little features by Feb 13, but we'll see how I'll recover~~

Previous Features


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namenotrequired after I changed my account/username for like the 4th time: Daghrgenzeen, confusing the world since the name change feature! :la:

Behind the name:
[dʌg-r-gɛntsɛn] - originally randomly produced username, modified with an extra (silent) 'e' due to username availability reasons.
[laʊ-rʌ] - derived from the bay laurel plant, which in the Greco-Roman era was used as a symbol of victory, honor or fame.

Äidinkieleni on suomi. And apparently I can speak English pretty fluently! Jag kan också tala lite svenska. Я забыла, как говорить по-русски… Но мне нравится пробовать! まだ日本語を話しません。

Dreamer. Reader. Writer. Picture-taker. Gamer. Escapist. Student.
On dA since 2005. Blabbering on #devart since 2006. Rather friendly.

In a relationship since 2008. :heart:
Engaged since 2010. ;P

Loves nature, taking walks and cycling and swimming.
Wishes to do her best to protect the ringed seals of Lake Saimaa. :rose:

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Family members on dA - real life family members.
Mom, raijahkorhonen.
Fiance, m5aar1.
Cousin, Atnarivik.


ohellohara wrote a poem about me. ;w; It's so beautiful. :heart: She's an amazing poet and a person, by the way - her Gallery shouldn't leave you untouched.
daghrgenzeen.she puts rose petals at the ends of her
sentences, planting seeds inside
consonants and trimming her vowels—
her words bloom, a botanical garden
put on display in the air—no glass
could ever contain her flowers; they
are free to be plucked from the sky
and put in people's hair, decorating
otherwise gray minds—her tongue
is the deepest green in the garden,
her voice more refreshing than
water; let her plant you in the clouds

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(Scroooooll for the update) MOST RECENT UPDATES AT THE BOTTOM. ^_____^ I've lost the count, is this the 12th or 13th or 14th update haha... Let's say it's 14th.

Showing off some pictures for those I don't have on Facebook! To show the progress... :la: I was told if all goes this well in the future as well, I might get into the surgery in less than a year - faster than was expected! :aww: Today went much better than last time, my teeth weren't as sensitive, and there were only a couple of times when things didn't want to go to their places :nuu: but yeah, overall it wasn't as agonizing as previous time. :aww: My expressions in the pics are rather ugly, and the lighting is poor in at least the first one :lol: but now you've been warned! :shakefist:

I don't have a proper picture of the starting point, but, the first pic was taken on the same day I got the upper braces (January 8, 2014).

January 8, 2014 by Daghrgenzeen

Then on January 20, 2014 I got them on the lower row as well. I don't have a picture of that, but! On February 14, 2014 after the hoooorrible adjustment session, my teeth looked like this...

February 14, 2014 by Daghrgenzeen

Aaaaand this is how they look like now, on March 14, 2014. The next appointment is on April 25 (when my grandmother turns 75, by the way! I'll go to Lahti to visit her.)

March 14, 2014 by Daghrgenzeen

Ta-dah! :dummy: People keep telling me I'll get a nice Pepsodent smile after all this is over. :giggle::rose:


I just had my readjustment earlier today, on August 15, 2014; I had one in May or June, can't remember which, before the hospital went for a summer break. My teeth have straightened up fairly quickly, and they're telling me the surgery could be on December 17, 2014... However, I'm rather disheartened by the idea that I'd have to spend ANOTHER Christmas doped by meds AND unable to enjoy the feasts. :stare: So I'm trying to ask them if it's possible at all to postpone it to January/February. Yet, if I have to, then I'll have another ruined Christmas... :( ANYWAY. My teeth look rather good by now, I don't have pics from this summer's earlier appointments, but here's a pic I took this morning (my lower row keeps changing still, one tooth had started to slant backwards but few ours after taking the pic, it's back in the row with everyone else!). I got my first tut-tut for a tiny bit of uncleaniness behind the front metal thingos, but damn that space's a narrow place to clean with that itsy-bitsy brush. :stare:

2014-08-15 10.29.26 by Daghrgenzeen

Next appointments are on September 20-something, and October 20-something. :dummy: Next time they're taking new molds to overview the progress. I'm kinda treading that because that mold stuff tastes awful and makes me want to puke. :stare:

Had my braces adjusted in the morning (September 23), and they also took new molds. That was HORRIBUL. :dead: I thought I'd choke, but somehow I made it. I hadn't had enough painkillers in the morning, so it hurt :stare: and afterwards too. I hadn't eaten anything in the morning 'cause I knew they'd take the molds and I knew I'd gag, so I was feeling pretty weak and didn't go to my lecture in the afternoon. :dummy: I got home and went back to sleep haha. I've no pics this time, because the rows haven't really changed, but by next time there should be some changes. ^_^ They're also going to take some other molds for the surgery, and X-rays, before Christmas. The surgery itself will be in January :eager: so I won't have to spend another Christmas in misery, all drugged-up and unable to eat. :la: Time's passing so quick.... I still get very anxious when I think of the surgery, but I'm trying not to panic. I can already see myself hitting the nurse when she tries to give me the anesthesia stuff and then run away screaming. :stare: Lol.

October 24. I didn't really sleep last night, I didn't eat anything in the morning, and I forgot to take any painkillers :stare: before heading out to the braces readjustment. :faint: Well, I was a bit early, so I went to the hospital's cafeteria and picked up some juice (I didn't want to eat and get stuff stuck on the damn things..) and theeeeeen well. Luckily they didn't take new molds :phew: but next time they will. :iconragemanplz: The lower front hurt like hell when they were readjusting, I actually jerked out of pain so that some of their equipment dropped. :shifty: The upper row went with much less pain, thank goodness. :la: Today I have a pic to show:

10394055 623147171129847 7829696646244469818 N by Daghrgenzeen

The next appointment is on December 16. As said, they'll take new molds... and also X-rays. All this in preparation for the surgery ... The date for that is still uncertain, but it's most likely on January 14 or 21. I'm hoping 14, 'cause then I could still participate in lectures of period III. :happybounce:

Taken on December 24, 2014. I had the readjustment on Dec 16, and they said my teeth shouldn't move anywhere anymore after that... 'cause they took the casts then, and X-rays. :lol: The cast taking was horrid, I kept gagging and all, but anyway, you can't see it from the pic but there was a gap between two corner teeth on the lower-left side (right from the viewer's point of view) and it DISAPPEARED only a couple of hours after the readjustment session. :lol: Oh boy... which means the casts probably need to be redone. :stare: UGH.

10686861 653932984717932 7703710013521941132 N by Daghrgenzeen

The surgery is currently scheduled for February 4, 2015, BUT. I've fallen ill. I've fever and a dry cough. :stare: Perfect timing, as usual. I'm shit-scared and had a really bad breakdown about it last night, but Miika comforted me, and talking with people about my fears seem to ease it a little as well. :rose:

It's been one hell of a journey with these things, though, and I can't wait for it to be over! Need to call some doctors in the morning, though, for a health-check-up to see if the surgery needs to be postponed. :dead:

Updating again with a picture of how my underdeveloped jaws look like about now, and where they are going to operate and how my jaws should look like afterwards. So on the left of the pic below, is "before" — on the right is "after". By what I know, they are going to place some sort of an extension of plastic/metal/??? somewhere there... fffff.

Surgery Area by Daghrgenzeen

My feelings right now? Well, I had the IUD device ... inserted a week ago, so my hormones are fucked up... and I'm SCARED. Nothing in my life has never really went the way I thought/imagined/hoped/wished/dreamed, I always imagine the worst-case scenarios beforehand for just about any situation (expecting the worst —> less disappointment when things don't pan out), and I KNOW this is exactly what I shouldn't be thinking right now, I should have faith and believe (and lots of amazing people are reassuring me it'll be just fine, and thought I may sound ungrateful, I actually am really grateful for all the support :heart: my sweethearts!), but it's so difficult... I keep randomly bursting into tears, it's difficult to sleep, eat, focus on anything... >___< What am I scared of, then? That they'll fuck it up somehow (with my 'luck', that could happen) and I won't be able to speak/eat/do anything else with my mouth normally ever again, that my jaw will drop or hang open randomly, that there'll be an infection and well basically a part of me keeps crashing at the thought that this is The End of everything for me. :stare:

A part of me knows I'll be alright. The adult part. The more rational part of me. They've done probably hundreds, if not even thousands, of similar surgeries; I know that the staff at the hospital is really awesome, helpful and supportive. I know I should be in good hands. But despite being 24, I still think I'm quite the child at times... I want to curl up in Miika's arms and just cry there for hourrrrs, that lil' kid is so scared out of her mind. :stare:

I'm still coughing at times, but if the bloodtest I had on Tuesday shows up with nothing, I think I'll just go to the pre-surgery meeting on Feb 3 and hope for the best; the D-Day is on Feb 4, and I should get out by Feb 6 if all goes well. Mom will be here for about a week to watch over me, to feed me and all. :paranoid:

I'm doing my best to keep my mind occupied with other things. The most difficult times are when I should be sleeping. Our bathroom's still under renovation, so I can't even have long, hot relaxing showers... (we have to shower at Miika's workplace). Siiiiigh.

Sooo yeah, that's how it is right now.


Since I'm unable to decide by myself... I've restarted Lightning Returns (FFXIII) about five times since its release in February, 2014. I got stuck again. The question is, to restart all over again or...? 

2 deviants said Restart, you dummy. :dummy: Don't give up! You're wiser now, right??
2 deviants said Try something else for a while. :nod:
1 deviant said (My other options include Dirge of Cerberus, Dragon Age: Origins and Bioshock Infinite.)
No deviants said FOCUS ON SCHOOL, YOU STUPID. :stare:



Bringing the FAQs in to your native language.


:bulletblue: Former admin and Finnish translator.

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Also, if you have spare :points:, instead of donating any to me, please head over to intFAQ-Helper and donate to their Pool! :rose:

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