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Weekly Featured Deviation

In this space I'll feature weekly a piece of art — poetry, photography, traditional — by someone else on dA that somehow touches me, my current life situation, or otherwise impresses me.

Nov20—Nov27, 2014:
Hazy Morning by AnnMarieBone
by AnnMarieBone
AnnMarieBone paints some of the most beatiful sceneries (landscapes, waterscapes...) I've seen around here, often with a sense of a dreaminess, a fantasy, and Hazy Morning is a brilliant example of this talent... :rose: I had a hard time choosing one of her works to be featured here, but somehow this spoke to me the most at this time. :rose:


Daghrgenzeen's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
namenotrequired after I changed my account/username for like the 4th time: Daghrgenzeen, confusing the world since the name change feature! :la:

Äidinkieleni on suomi. And apparently I can speak English pretty fluently! Jag kan också tala lite svenska. Я забыла, как говорить по-русски… Но мне нравится пробовать! まだ日本語を話しません。

Behind the name:
[dʌg-r-gɛntsɛn] - originally randomly produced username, modified with an extra (silent) 'e' due to username availability reasons.
[laʊ-rʌ] - derived from the bay laurel plant, which in the Greco-Roman era was used as a symbol of victory, honor or fame.

Dreamer. Reader. Writer. Picture-taker. Gamer. Escapist. Student.
On dA since 2005. Blabbering on #devart since 2006. Rather friendly.

In a relationship since 2008. :heart:
Engaged since 2010. ;P

Loves nature, taking walks and cycling and swimming.
Wishes to do her best to protect the ringed seals of Lake Saimaa. :rose:

Contact Info:
E-mail & Skype: :bulletblue: Instagram :bulletblack: Steam :bulletblue: Tumblr :bulletblack: Twitter :bulletblue: YouTube

Family members on dA - real life family members.
Mom, raijahkorhonen.
Fiance, m5aar1.
Cousin, Atnarivik.


ohellohara wrote a poem about me. ;w; It's so beautiful. :heart: She's an amazing poet and a person, by the way - her Gallery shouldn't leave you untouched.
daghrgenzeen.she puts rose petals at the ends of her
sentences, planting seeds inside
consonants and trimming her vowels—
her words bloom, a botanical garden
put on display in the air—no glass
could ever contain her flowers; they
are free to be plucked from the sky
and put in people's hair, decorating
otherwise gray minds—her tongue
is the deepest green in the garden,
her voice more refreshing than
water; let her plant you in the clouds

If you wish to donate :points: to me, please do not! Rather, donate to intFAQ-Helper! :rose:

Break - Going Crazy

Thu Nov 20, 2014, 10:18 AM

Profile | Gallery

So I'd need to restart Lightning Returns :B but I'mma take a break from that stuff for now.... I've lost the true count of how many times I've restarted it since its release in February 2014.... I think five is an underestimation, but oh well.

Also, I'm really really fed up with university. I have no proper schedule, and no self-discipline either. :yawn: So I keep doing all the other things but studying.... I'd start applying for jobs, but the damned surgery is nearing... :roll: Also, I doubt people would take a 24-year-old applicant with braces too seriously... ^^;

So the plan is to get rid of braces, then work my ass off to get a job. Yeah, employers might give me the :stinkeye: look for having not finished my Bachelor's in the estimated time (3-4 years), but I'm so so fed up with academics. Looking up sources to back up my ideas, all the fucking time; keeping up with the fields' news.... and not just 'my' fields, linguistics, but other fields as well.

I need a schedule. A rhythm. Something that would get me up from the bed and out of the house more than just once a week.... Of course, after so many years of 'lazying around', the chances are I'd try find excuses to skip work.... or some other bullshit like that. But I need something else.

Yet... since I'm pretty much giving up on university now.... who the hell would trust me to do my job properly? :dummy: I've no special skills... no experience... I get insecure at the thought of doing something wrong... I shy away from people so I wouldn't 'disturb' them... ehh...

I'm just tired. So tired and lost.

I guess I'll try suggesting to a friend if she'd be interested in studying together.... because she's about the only friend I have in this town now. I had great plans of going to the library every day for studying, but..... home is so safe. As noisy or quiet as I want. Food is 'free'... ehhh....... 

AAAARGGGHHHHH. If I could turn back the time, I'd make a couple of different choices.... :grump:

Since I'm unable to decide by myself... I've restarted Lightning Returns (FFXIII) about five times since its release in February, 2014. I got stuck again. The question is, to restart all over again or...? 

2 deviants said Try something else for a while. :nod:
1 deviant said Restart, you dummy. :dummy: Don't give up! You're wiser now, right??
1 deviant said (My other options include Dirge of Cerberus, Dragon Age: Origins and Bioshock Infinite.)
No deviants said FOCUS ON SCHOOL, YOU STUPID. :stare:



Bringing the FAQs in to your native language.


:bulletblue: Former admin and Finnish translator.

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Also, if you have spare :points:, instead of donating any to me, please head over to intFAQ-Helper and donate to their Pool! :rose:

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